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Meet Our Core Group Team

Gabriel Odhiambo Achayo

Country Coordinator - Kenya

Gabriel Achayo has dedicated over 10 years of his life to grow the Africa Youth Leadership Forum in Kenya. He’s committed to leadership development and is known for his passion for developing young leaders from the Kenyan Universities. More

Joshua Nyantika Mokua

Joshua Nyantika is a Kenyan young man with a desire to drive leadership change and make it become the key driver of positive influence in his country, continent and beyond.

He holds a BSc. Microprocessor Technology & Instrumentation degree from the University of Nairobi. He also seeks to see young people rise up to take their rightful place on the table of discussions that determine the future of our continent.

Allan Mwangi

He is firstborn in a family of five. A follower and a firm believer in the redemption work of Jesus Christ. One of the 8 founders of Aylf, Kenya. Living by the mantra that there is goodness embedded in each one of us, and a little light shone on it is all that’s needed to bring it out.

Esther Kanini

Esther is an Innovation Analyst at Commercial Bank of Africa. More

Duncan Mochama

Duncan is a Business Development Manager at AYLF Group Ltd. More

Stephen Mutiso

Mutiso is the Assistant Property Officer at Kenya Power Pension Fund. He is also involved in leadership and youth development/empowerment activities in AYLF. More

Catherine Njau

Catherine is a project management professional. more about her