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About Africa Youth Leadership Forum

AYLF is a collaborative initiative that brings together University Students, Student Leaders, and alumni from both public and private Universities, for mentorship, training, networking, and capacity building. We seek to advance values and principles that promote transformational and servant leadership.

  • Our Vision

    A transformed leadership culture in Africa.

  • Our Mission

    Our aim is to be a movement of friends to nurture a new breed of leaders in Africa, based on the leadership qualities, values, and principles of Jesus of Nazareth as exemplified by some of history’s greatest statesmen and women.

    Our Focus

    1. 1. Leadership
    2. 2. Friendship
    3. 3. Jesus

  • Our Core Values

    • Love – We maintain a Jesus-centered culture of unconditional love, among ourselves and our neighbors, appreciating our diversity (religious, political, racial, etc) and viewing all as equally created in the image of God.
    • Integrity – We focus on a value-centered wholesomeness of individual character in both our private and public lives as a foundation for trust and confidence in our community and organization.
    • Friendship – We place a priority on relationships among staff and beneficiaries, realizing that our higher purpose, the spiritual life, can only be lived out through our relationships with each other.
    • Excellence – We commit to excellence in professional and organizational terms, being strategic in our learning and growth, being transparent in our dealings and decision-making, and striking a balance between formality and informality in our work so as to not lose sight of the bigger picture at hand.

  • Our Philosophy

    • Work is done simply in the name of Jesus under the auspices of a national leadership drawn from business, industry, politics, academia, and religion. It’s not done under the name of any particular organization or religious group.
    • The work relates to all people regardless of their religious affiliation - Christian, Muslim, and others.
    • The work is anchored in the Values, Principles, Precepts, and the Person of Jesus.
    • The work flows out of and is based on long-term committed relationships among those involved.

Africa Youth Leadership Forum
What we have done so far

Numbers Reached and Impacted


The challenges of Corruption, Ethnic and Religious conflict have continued to rock governments and the politics of Africa. There is a lack of a revolutionary perspective of Jesus among the majority of young people yet they are the current largest population in most of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have the potential to influence change.


We believe transformation will happen through the building of communities of love; that the small groups of young people meeting regularly (weekly, monthly, annually) while learning, the values, and principles of Jesus of Nazareth will experience meaningful relationships and through that, they will positively influence the relationships with their peers. We hope that by mentoring young people and exposing them to leadership and life skills learning, we can create communities and eventually a movement of young people across Africa with a difference.


Africa Youth Leadership Forum is creating transformation among young people to bring about a sustainable future for African people. We have an influence on over 120 Universities across East and Central Africa. From these universities, we have an active membership of 2000 young professionals across the region. We have supported these young people through leadership training and mentorship, grow their maturity as Jesus' followers, and exposed them to meaningful engagements in their personal and career growth.
Africa Youth Leadership Forum
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