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About Us

Africa Youth Leadership Forum

…nurturing a new breed of leaders in Africa.

We are a collaborative initiative that brings together University Student leaders, students, and young professionals across the country from both public and private Universities, for mentorship, training, networking and capacity building. AYLF was formed in 2007. It is now present in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo, and South Sudan.

In Kenya, AYLF is registered as a Trust.

At AYLF, we believe leadership is being self-aware, having the ability to identify and meet community needs for transformation while inspiring them to exploit their gifts and potential. This is through a commitment to:

·         Integrity

·         Reconciliation

·         Unconditional, long term relationships

·         Service

·         Impact


Our aim is to be a movement of friends to nurture a new breed of leaders in Africa, based on the leadership qualities, values, and principles of Jesus of Nazareth as exemplified by some of the history’s greatest statesmen and women. We seek to appeal to the human spirit to rise up and embrace values that enhance a high quality of life to the least of these. Our goal is that Young Leaders embody the values and principles of Jesus in East and Central Africa.


At the heart of AYLF is the dream that emerging leaders in Africa would know how to speak the truth without being sectarian or religiously divisive, see people without labels or stereotypes, loving each other and those they lead while serving with integrity.

  • The work is done simply in the name of Jesus under the auspices of a national leadership drawn from business, industry, politics, academia, and religion. It’s not done under the name of any particular organisation or religious group.
  • The work relates to all people regardless of their religious affiliation - Christian, Muslim, Hindus, and others.
  • The work is anchored in the Values, Principles, Precepts and the Person of Jesus.
  • The work flows out of, and is based on, long-term committed relationships among those involved

Our Desired Outcome:

We desire to see young leaders who commit to the following:

  • High levels of stewardship
  • High levels of accountability
  • High levels of productivity
  • Leaders wiling to serve others
  • High levels of collaboration
  • Justice in the community
  • Harmonious living and co-existence

Core Values

- Friendship/Relationship - Reconciliation - Community of compassion - Faithfulness/Loyalty - Integrity/Honesty