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Fellows Program

This program brings together everyone who has interacted with AYLF in various capacities. Here are some of the Fellows programs:

  • Graduate Fellowship Program

This is a 6 month program. It seeks to provide Leadership training, mentorship and learning experience to university graduate for a period of 6 months. The graduate gets opportunity emphasized include living in community, stewardship, personal responsibility, transformational leadership and reconciled living among others. The graduates get an opportunity to translate key principles of Jesus into their daily lives. The principles emphasized include living in community, stewardship, personal responsibility, transformational leadership, and reconciled living among others. 

  • Former University Student Leaders Gathering and Young professionals weekly engagement

This targets to bring both Former Student Leaders and Young Professionals who desire to walk the journey together. They have regular weekly engagement and occasional retreat including other meaningful programs that they find fit to engage in.

  • AYLF ladies program

We reach out to more female student and encourage them to engage in leadership opportunities. Target is AYLF Female student and Young female professionals.